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Art Director

Sebastian is an Art Director at the salon he has 19 years of experience. He has worked at Aguavida since June 2007. He enjoys being presented with a challenge in the salon with new or returning clients. Sebastian loves to travel and finds inspiration from the many different cultures he has experienced.

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Art Director

Rafi is our newest hairdresser to join us in Aguavida. Rafi is from Syria with over 25 years of experience on travelling different countries. He is specialist of Arabic, European and bridal hairstyles and has a versatile skill-set with popular trends.

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Senior Stylist

Monika is a Senior Stylist and has worked at Aguavida since 2009. With 20 years of hairdressing experience, which she gained here and in her native Switzerland, she has a large, loyal client base of all ages. Monika is especially good with children’s hair.

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Beauty Therapist

Zee our fully qualified and highly trained Beauty Therapist has over 14 years experience in the industry, Zee has carefully paved a career providing beauty treatments to her clients with the upmost care and attention to their needs, selecting only the most prestigious Therapies and products on the professional market. Zee has developed a unique waxing technique drawing on her years of experience providing all the latest trends available for both women and men ensuring all treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs and expectations.

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Eva is from Hungary, she has 12 years of experience in customer service. Eva has graduated in catering management. Customer service is her strength. She is very friendly and approachable.

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