modern Hair Salon
Creating Beauty

Our Hair Salon aims to give our customers the best possible hairdressing experience. We are a creative team of hairstyling specialists with extensive expertise in providing professional hair treatments.

Creating Original
Haircuts for You

Our team of creative hairstylists and colour specialists have been trained to the highest standards and have the vision and talent to give you the best and the most original hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

All Hair Services for
Your Pleasure

Our Hair Salon is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations, whether you need a haircut for a special occasion or not.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Modern is one of the premier hair salons in Los Angeles, frequented not only by women but by men and kids as well.

Our hair salon has earned an incredible reputation as our professional team of hairstylists continues to work wonders on clients’ hair and enhance their assets through the wide array of offered services.

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Our Services

We offer a complete range of hair services including haircuts & styling, coloring, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, perming, hair straightening, and a lot more. You can learn more about our services below.

Bridal Formal

Whether you need a bridal or formal hairstyle for your special event, we are always ready to give you what’s really necessary!

Since 1999, we’ve been serving brides from all over LA and California as well as creating unique hairstyles for proms. Our team provides professional bridal formal finishing available at affordable price with a variety of special options. Feel free to book an appointment and choose your finishing.

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Video Presentation

In this video, our staff members tell about their work at Modern, how they achieve the best results for their clients every day and more. Click the Play button below to watch this presentation.

Our Professional Team

Modern employs the best stylists and hairdressers in the industry. We also educate our own award-winning specialists through constant training. Here are the most prominent talents of our team who make your dreams come true.